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Why I chose HomeScape to get Solar Rooftop for my home

residential solar systems. More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of clean electricity generated by solar panels. Earlier during summers, power cuts used to bring the cities to a meltdown. But now, with expansion in the grid electricity network and installation of a rooftop solar system, power cuts got reduced by 30% in major cities. But, still India is a power deficit country, and we can’t rely on just grid-connected power to light our homes. The question is, how as a homeowner, you can reap the benefits of a solar rooftop system. We talked to a few of the HomeScape customers and got a firsthand review of a HomeScape residential solar rooftop and how it changed their lives. By now, you must already be knowing about the advantages of solar power, now we are here to give you a sneak peek into our customers’ homes who are not only saving on their electricity bills but also getting additional benefits from HomeScape solar that none of the other solar rooftop players offer. Here are the top 3 additional benefits of installing HomeScape solar rooftop system that you don’t get from any other residential solar systems:

Beautify your homes along with savings in electricity bills

Atrium, the flagship HomeScape Solar is an elevated rooftop solar plant with Wood-Clad Pergola structure. Every atrium is custom-designed to enhance the beauty of your terraces. The premium looking wooden finish gives it an elegant look that makes it visually appealing even from a distance. That’s not it, if you are installing a ‘Grid Connected Solar System’ without a battery, you can observe up to 90% savings on your electricity bills. The electricity produced during the day is consumed for your daily usage and excess load is transferred to the grid. Hence, most of the daily electricity requirements are met by clean solar energy. [caption id="attachment_11085" align="alignleft" width="300"]Beautiful Solar System on Rooftops HomeScape Solar Rooftop: Aerial[/caption] [caption id="attachment_10802" align="alignnone" width="300"]beautiful homescape solar rooftops HomeScape Solar Rooftop: Atrium[/caption]

Enjoy high RoI and quality time spent with family

Typical risk-free investments in India (Fixed Deposits etc.) return around 8%-9% per year. A 10kW standard rooftop home solar system (Terra) returns up to 30% per year on the investment while Atrium returns up to 18%. With a life of 25+ years, a solar plant gives better returns than any risk-free investment available with us. Combine this with the possibility of spending quality time with family and friends. HomeScape Atrium gives you a lounge-like ambiance within the comfort of your homes and you can spend hours chilling under our aesthetically designed HomeScape pergolas. [caption id="attachment_10469" align="alignnone" width="265"]HomeScape Powers your Dreams HomeScape Powers your Dreams[/caption]

Elevated Solar Rooftops insulates your roof from direct heat & give you an added seating space

Our elevated home solar systems provide better shade during the day, which reduces the heating of RCC roofs during the sunny days. The rooms tend to remain cooler which ultimately, leads to less electricity consumption. Also, the pergola gives an added seating space on your roof which you can utilize for gardening, kids project and recreation area. [caption id="attachment_10476" align="alignnone" width="300"]HomeScape gives you extra seating space HomeScape gives you extra seating space[/caption] In nutshell, HomeScape Solar rooftops are not only power producers but also adds to the overall quality of our customer’s lives, thus making their lives richer and better. If you are looking for a rooftop solar plant that not only gives you savings to power your dreams but also other benefits as mentioned above, you know where to go!  Get HomeScaped!]]>

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    I want to install home solar rooftop plant

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  2. Girishkumar Gurjar 2 years ago

    Interested in homesolar rooftop

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      Please email your requirements at
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