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Today, everywhere, we see solar power Systems – from roofs of our homes to Ikea superstores to the deserts of Rajasthan. And why wouldn’t it be? It is a win-win solution for climate crises that creates jobs, saves money, and helps us to reduce the carbon emissions that are affecting our planet adversely.

How do Solar Systems work?

Technically speaking, a solar power system works by allowing photons or particles of light to knock atom-free electrons, which in turn generates the flow of electricity. This is a technical way of saying that the panel's photovoltaic cells convert sunlight into electricity (specifically, direct current (DC)), which is then converted by an inverter to an alternating current (AC) which is compatible for residential use.

AC is the type of power you usually use when plugging anything into a socket on the wall. The electrical panel of the system sends power to your lights and appliances if you have a solar system installed on your roof.

Types of Solar Panel System

Based on grid-connectivity, there are 3 types of Solar Panel System

• Off-Grid Solar Power System

• On-Grid Solar Power System

• Hybrid Solar Power System

Based on the location of solar system, they are of 2 types

• On-site

- Rooftop Solar power system

- Ground Mount Solar Power System

• Off-site

How to mount Solar Panels on your roof?

Ironically, the best place for mounting solar panels (yes, rooftop) is also the hardest place to mount them. Solar panels need a place that is sturdy, shade-free, and pointing to the sun, and the roofs fulfill all these conditions nicely. Before mounting solar panels, you would want to do any kind of roof repairs. Mounting a solar panel there can be a pain. On commercial roofs, solar companies and developers drill enormous bolts into the rafters for attaching solar panels to the roof. The solar industry also had to invent many different methods to connect mounting hardware due to the vast variation in roofing materials and construction techniques.

Vital Information about Mounting solar Panel on roof

Solar panels are designed for easy and long-lasting installation on racks attached to the roof mounts. Although the panels are heavy themselves, you have to drill the mounts into the rafters of your roof as the building codes require ``up force`` protection. Solar panels are much more likely to catch air like a sail and rip off from your roof even though they are weighing too much. If they're bound to the rafters, they're attached to your house's infrastructure, and there's no worry.

Here's a little bit more about installing solar panels on the roof:

Fortunately for you, it is possible to mount solar panels on almost every roof; metallic, RCC, wooden, tar, and even foam. Let's quickly check out all of them.


Tiles are made of various materials. Installers would have to attach the solar panels to brackets to install solar panels on a tile roof. We have metal tiles, ceramic tiles, concrete tiles, bituminous tiles, composite tiles, and even stone tiles.


Metal roofs have lots of advantages. They are sustainable and environmentally friendly as 100% of the material can be recycled; they can easily hold your solar panels. Solar panels work well on metal roofs, so for those on a low budget, it is recommended.

Tar & gravel Roof

This type of roof is one of the oldest. They are installed directly on the roof by interchanging asphalt or tar layers and certain supporting materials. They add weight to your buildings, and the maintenance of the roof with them is difficult. It may be necessary to use additional braces and other materials.

Solar System Components

A solar power system comprises of different photovoltaic (PV) panels, a Dc to AC power converter (known as an Inverter) and a rack system known as the mounting structure that holds the PV panels in place. By transforming sunlight energy into electricity, solar photovoltaic panels on home and business roofs produce clean electricity.

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