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Aesthetically Pleasing Rooftop Solar Power Plant for Your House

A rooftop powerplant need not diminish the value of your roof, as is often thought, it can actually increase it with an aesthetic structure, like HomeScape.

HomeScape comes in a beautifully designed pergola, crafted by engineers and designers, that can give your roof a luxurious feel, transforming it into a space of worth.

Installing rooftop solar plant becomes a purchase with easy financing options and of utmost convenience with team HomeScape assisting you step by step in availing subsidies and aiding the net-metering application. The customer support will help in comprehensive maintenance. The best of equipment along with a long-term warranty and product insurance, gives HomeScape extraordinary durability and makes it a product worth purchase.

How Rooftop Solar Power Plants Can Help You?

As the availability of natural resources reduce, and the electricity price surge high due to higher demand and much lower supply, rooftop solar power plant can help in cutting down your rising electricity bill. A HomeScape rooftop solar plant can help in power generation, reducing your bill up to 90%. It provides a great return on investment, up to 30% and can pay back for itself in as low as four years.

With higher pressure on the environment, the rate of degradation has also increased over the years. Solar cells, also called photovoltaic (PV) cells, convert sunlight directly into electricity, thus electricity generation is completely through renewables. Going green by installing a rooftop solar plant, will reduce the carbon emission and will help you in contributing to a cleaner world.

Along with this a HomeScape will beautify your home with its aesthetically designed solar power system and will convert your roof into a luxurious space, thus adding value to your house. With government’s support in the same direction, this is the correct time to investing in a rooftop solar plant with HomeScape.

Types of Rooftop Solar Plant at HomeScape

HomeScape gives the customer an option from choosing from three variants of rooftop solar power plant according to the needs and the compatibility of their roof.


Atrium is an elegant solar pergola powerplant custom-designed for every roof – the perfect blend of style, utility, performance, and savings. The pergola gives the roof clearance of 8-9 feet, keeping the space intact to be used for other purposes and thus, increasing the utility of the roof.

The weather and termite-proof aesthetically designed solar powerplant can stand up to 160kmph of wind. The premium finish ensures a seamless beautiful extension of the roof, drawing visual and aesthetic attention, from a distance and close-quarters alike.

This flagship product of HomeScape is only available through invitation.


Aerial is an elevated solar rooftop powerplant designed to increase the utility of the roof with high-performance and savings on electricity bills.

It is an elevated canopy style solar plant made of galvanised iron. The powder-coated structure is distinguishable from the standard elevated solar plants. The structure is corrosion-resistant, weatherproof and built with strength to withstand more than 160kmph of wind. This smart investment increases the utility of the roof and increases the savings on electricity expenses.


Terra is a low-rise solar rooftop solar power plant designed to deliver high performance and savings on electricity bills.

The structure is made of galvanised iron and is corrosion resistant and weatherproof with an ability to withstand up to 160kmph of wind. With a roof clearance of 400mm, the low elevation makes it easy to clean. This smart investment is bound to give great returns.

Net Metering

A Net Meter is a bi-directional meter that helps in aiding the solar installer with credits for the energy that they give to the grid, in case of a grid-connected rooftop solar power plant. The meter records both, the input of energy taken from the grid, as well as the energy that the installed solar panels have outsourced to the grid in case of excess creation of energy. This acts as a billing mechanism to compensate the solar power plant owner for the electricity contributed by them to the gird.

Certain approvals are required for net metering. These approvals vary from state to state and also differ on the basis of installation and system size. The liaising and facilitation for net metering will be executed by the HomeScape team.

App-Based Monitoring Performance

You can monitor the performance of your HomeScape in real-time with the help of an IoT based Remote Monitoring System (RMS). The cloud-based data management enables remote monitoring of the solar PV system irrespective its size.

The RMS along with analysing the solar power plant also does the following:

• Notifies with an alarm in case the plant, inverter or any component is not working properly.

• Various plant parameters – solar energy generation, solar energy consumption, units fed back to the grid, savings, contribution to the environment – can be assessed with the help of RMS.

• Plant performance on different time scales: daily, monthly, annually or between any pair of dates, can be assessed.

• String monitoring can also be assessed.

HomeScape RMS has the capability to examine and evaluate consumption and generation of energy and its optimum utilisation. RMS considers factors like shade, dust, loose ends and weather conditions which can hinder the performance of the solar power plant while updating to the Data Logger. This helps the solar installer in analysing the plant health over a period via the app.

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