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Top 7 Benefits of Solar Energy

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Every home needs a dependable energy supply to keep up with the need of their house. Opting for green energy like solar can make your life easy, economical and comfortable. But, the benefits of solar energy systems for homes don’t end here.

Solar has emerged as a cleaner alternative to conventional energy sources.

Here are the top 7 benefits of solar energy that will convince you to make the transition today:

Reduced Electricity Cost

Among the many advantages of solar energy is its potential to increase savings for your household. You can expect your electricity expenses to decrease when your solar photovoltaic (PV) system starts supplying solar power to your home.

With the right size of home solar plant, you limit your dependence on the government grid, as solar electricity can meet the lions share of your household electricity requirements. The seemingly small per-month savings will significantly affect your annual electricity expenses.

in addition, collecting the savings accrued over 6 to 8 years will be enough to pay you back the cost of solar panels. For the rest of the 25+ years of lifespan of solar panels, solar electricity will be free for you.

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    Solar Credits

    The provision of net metering available on home solar systems allows you to unleash more benefits of using solar energy and a higher return on your solar investment. By tying your rooftop solar system to the local utility grid, you can sell surplus solar energy produced to the grid and earn solar credits. This export of electricity is monitored by the net meter installed in your home and is recorded in the monthly electricity bills.

    The solar credits earned like this can also be used to draw grid electricity that meets any additional electricity requirements. However, if you don’t have enough solar credits, you can still draw electricity from the grid at the rate set under net metering regulations.

    If you have solar credits by the end of a year, you can expect to receive cash payment for them. Factoring in the net metering benefits, you might see a zero charge on your monthly bill if no energy is drawn from the grid or even see solar credits if your system generates enough surplus solar energy over the month.

    Less Burden on the Environment

    Solar is a sustainable energy source and doesn’t cause air pollution or releases greenhouse gases- one of the most significant benefits of solar energy for the environment. Such benefits of using solar energy systems for homes have encouraged the government to subsidise rooftop solar plants. You can get a solar subsidy of up to 40% to reduce the cost of solar systems.

    Solar panels use solar photovoltaic (PV) technology to capture sunshine to produce solar electricity. As more and more households switch to solar, it will help save the environment, fight climate change, and create a cleaner environment for us to breathe in.

    A Reliable Source of Power

    Power cuts are always an inconvenience, especially in regions where they are frequent and last for hours. The grid can ditch you anytime, but solar won’t. In addition, solar energy is more reliable and predictable as the Sunrise is inevitable. Your solar company will help you predict how much solar energy production you can expect across various seasons in your area and it’s unlikely to see major fluctuations in those predictions.

    Moreover, our energy demands are increasing by the year, which will soon deplete the traditional energy sources. On the other hand, the sun is inexhaustible and thus a sustainable energy source. These benefits of solar electricity make it the future energy in this world.

    Performance Warranty on Solar Panels

    Performance warranty is one of the most important benefits of solar energy systems for homes. Most solar vendors provide a lengthy warranty of 25 years on the performance of your solar panels, guaranteeing optimal solar energy production for a very long time.

    Although modern solar panels are strong and can survive harsh weather, a solar warranty still covers you against unpredictable situations that may damage your solar panels. These can be due to external factors or any fault causing your module mounting structure (MMS) to fall. In such situations, replacements are free of charge.

    To honour the warranty in time of need, it’s important that your solar vendor stays in business. Hence, go only for a reputable and experienced solar system provider who will be able to respond to replacement requests for the next 25 years.

    Low Maintenance Costs

    One of the benefits of using solar energy in India is that solar maintenance is quite minimal, easy and cost-efficient. Solar panels have no moving parts, plus their sturdy manufacturing makes them quite durable.

    To ensure efficient function and maximum solar energy production, make sure you do the basic cleaning. Dirt and dust collect over time on your panels and become a barrier for solar cells to absorb sun rays. Hence basic washing and wiping are important to keep them clean.

    Solar panels and other components comprising your home solar systems like the solar inverter, batteries and others must also receive timely professional inspection service. This will ensure that any problems are fixed quickly and there are no unexpected failures. With several solar companies, you may get solar AMC maintenance packages that will meet your recurring system service requirements.

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      Approx monthly electricity bill (INR)*

      Increase in Property’s Value

      Like major home improvements, a rooftop solar plant greatly adds to your property’s value. The many advantages of solar energy contribute to a self-reliant home that produces its own low-cost electricity. This makes your home an attractive investment for potential home buyers in the market. As a result, your home solar system will pay you off in the form of high bids if you ever decide to resell your house in the future.


      Is my roof suitable for installing solar panels?

      You’ll need a rooftop space free of any shade from nearby objects like buildings or trees. Shade covering any area of panels can reduce efficiency across the array. A home solar inspection is important to determine if solar is right for your location.

      On-grid or off-grid – which is the right choice for me?

      An on-grid solar system is a budget-friendly option over other types of solar systems. Staying connected to the grid will offer you the benefits of net metering. On the other hand, an off-grid framework is recommended for homes in remote locations where the grid isn’t accessible.

      What are the benefits of a solar energy system with batteries?

      Off-grid and hybrid solar systems have solar batteries to ensure 24/7 power availability in your home. If you want to avoid the inconvenience of power outages and shrink your grid electricity consumption to minimal or even zero, ensure that your system has enough batteries.

      How do I determine my household energy requirements?

      Understanding your energy needs is the first step to selecting the right size of the solar system. This is easily done by evaluating your monthly electricity bills for the past 1 year. Or you can ask your solar company to help you make the right choices.

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