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1kW Solar System Price with Subsidy for Home in India(2024)

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Are you planning to upgrade your home to a solar-powered home? Do you think you have a small home and that’s why you cannot have a solar plant installed? If yes, then a 1kW solar panel system is the ideal choice for you. A 1kW solar system can easily power a 2-3 BHK house wherein you can use one refrigerator, three fans, one TV, one laptop, and 4-5 lights. On average, you can run about 800 W loads on a regular basis. 

The complete solar setup typically includes high-efficiency solar components such as solar panels, solar batteries (off-grid solar plant), solar inverter, mounting structure, and added accessories. After absorbing the sunlight, the solar panels generate DC electricity. It is then converted into AC electricity through a solar inverter to power the appliances in your home. To effectively run your entire home load, you will need both solar power and a solar battery or connection to a grid. 

As a homeowner, investing in 1kW solar panels is a great step towards increasing your savings tremendously. If you are wondering how many types of 1KW home solar systems are available in the market today or what the 1kW solar panel system price is in India, this blog has all the information you need. 

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1kW Solar Panel System Price List in India

Wondering what the average 1kW solar system price in India is? The standard price for a 1kW solar system can fall anywhere between Rs. 60,000-1,20,000  depending on the type of the system, as well as government-imposed subsidy within that state. Consult an experienced solar contractor to learn about everything, from 1kWsolar system price in India with a subsidy to the best ways to install solar systems on your property.  

Model 1kW Solar System Price
1kW On-grid solar system

Rs. 72,000 Onwards*

1kW Off-grid solar system

Rs. 80,000

1kW Hybrid solar system

Rs. 1,20,000

While most homeowners in India prefer on-grid systems for their flexibility and high return on investment, there is a fair share of market demand for off-grid systems as well. It all boils down to the customer’s specific needs and budget. 

  • The 1kW solar panel system prices mentioned above can vary as per location, promotions, brand, and availability.
  • The prices are also exclusive of Govt. Subsidy. The eligibility to avail a subsidy depends on various factors, including the state regulations and the type of solar system.
  • For any questions regarding the solar 1kW price across states, the Homescape team can help you.

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    Approx monthly electricity bill (INR)*

    1kW Solar Panel System Specification

    Components Description
    Solar Power System 1kW
    Average Electricity Generation 4-6 Units Per Day
    1kW Solar System Price Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 1,20,000
    Solar Panel Required 3 to 4 solar panels of 330-250-watt
    Warranty 25 Years on your Solar Panels
    10 Years on Your Product
    1kW Solar System Subsidy 40%  Govt. Subsidy on benchmark cost.
    Area Required for 1kW Solar System 100 Sq. ft.
    AMC Maintenance Yes, with additional cost of AMC Package Purchase.

    1Kw Solar Panel System Subsidies in India

    If you are thinking of buying a 1kW solar panel system and subsidy is your major consideration, then know that subsidies are offered by the government on grid-connected solar plants and hybrid systems (excluding the cost of battery backup). There’s no subsidy applicable on residential off-grid solar systems.

    On-grid Solar System Capacity Applicable Subsidy

    Up to 3 kW

    Rs. 18,000/- per kW

    Above 3 kW, up to 10 kW

    Rs. 18,000/- per kW for the first 3kW and

    Rs. 9,000/- per kW after that for the rest

    Above 10 kW

    Rs. 1,17,000/- fixed

    Note: The approval of your only CFA/subsidy application will depend on the clearance of your RTS plant and the metering system by the inspecting authority.

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      Approx monthly electricity bill (INR)*

      1kW Solar System Price in India with Subsidy

      The subsidy scheme provides financial aid only on residential solar systems that are tied to the grid and are regulated under the net metering mechanism. 

      Model 1kW Solar System Price Subsidy Applicable Prices After Subsidy
      1kW On-grid solar system Rs. 72,000 Onwards* Rs. 18,000

      Rs. 54,000 Onwards*

      1kW Off-grid solar system Rs. 80,000 Not applicable

      1kw Hybrid solar system Rs. 1,20,000 Rs. 18,000

      Rs. 1,02,000

      Note: The cost of solar batteries is not considered in CFA calculations.

      1kW Solar System Installation Cost in India

      The overall 1kW solar panel price in India depends on the type and number of 1 kW solar panels you want to purchase and how complex it is to install them. 

      In order to efficiently install a 1kW solar panel system in India, you will need about 100 sq. feet of shadow-free roof space. It will help generate 5 kilowatt hours of energy during the day (for 8-10 hours), enough to meet your entire household’s needs. The power generation capacity can be increased by installing more panels and having the required battery backup. While a steady decline in prices has been noticed in the solar industry — thanks to more and more homeowners going solar — PV arrays are still a significant investment that needs to be done wisely. It is better to always consult a trusted solar company before making a final decision. 

      Usually, the cost of installation is included within the cost of solar system purchase, so you can just let the solar energy company take care of it. They can not only custom design the solar solution as per your unique needs and conditions, but also ensure that the entire installation process is streamlined properly. A typical solar installation project takes around 1-2 days, and this varies from project to project. They will also ensure that solar panels are set up properly so that they receive maximum sunlight. 

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        Approx monthly electricity bill (INR)*

        Types of 1kW Home Solar System

        To cater to the varying electricity needs of customers, there are three different types of solar systems available in India.

        • On-grid 1kW Solar System (with grid export)
        • Off-grid 1kW Solar System (with Battery Backup)
        • Hybrid 1kW Solar System (Solar Battery Storage with Grid Connection)

        On-grid 1kW Solar System

        Also known as a grid-tied system, an on-grid solar system allows you to draw electricity from both your solar system and the grid. It consists of only two main components — solar panels and a solar inverter. Since the system does not have a device like a solar battery to store the electricity, it does not provide power backup. The electricity is generated from solar panels and passes through the inverter, where it is converted from DC to AC for household use. 

        If electricity generated is more than your consumption, then excess power will be automatically exported to the utility grid. In this way, you can export extra or unconsumed electricity to the grid and gets compensated for it with days when your consumption exceeds generation. On average, a 1kW on-grid solar system produces about 4-6 units per day depending on your location.

        on-grid solar system

        Here are some key highlights of having on-grid 1 kilowatt solar panels at home:

        • Since this type of solar system requires fewer components, it is on the affordable side — no recurring costs.
        • Electricity is consumed as per the home power requirements.
        • Extra power generated is exported back to the grid. Net metering ensures and keep a record of all units exchanged between you and the grid, which reflects periodically in monthly bills.
        • The utility grid can be used to draw power in case of less energy generation from the solar system and at time when there is no generation, like night.

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        Off-grid 1kW Solar System

        Also known as a solar system with battery backup, off-grid solar systems are designed for places with no access to grid or when the homeowner wants independence from power outages. This kind of solar system comes with solar batteries and can function effectively independent of the grid connection. The main components include solar PV modules, solar inverter, solar battery (solar battery, normal battery, or lithium ion battery), and the balancing equipment (mounting structure, mc4 connectors, DC wire, DCDB box, and earthing kit). 

        With this system, the unconsumed electricity does not go back to the grid. Instead, it gets stored in solar batteries. It is a complete power bank in itself and provides a power backup when your solar panels aren’t producing electricity. On average, a 1kW off-grid solar system generates 4-6 units per day.

        off-grid solar system

        Here are some key highlights of having off-grid 1 kilowatt solar panels at home:

        • Works without a grid; battery is used as the device to store power, and it acts as a grid in itself
        • When the solar system does not generate electricity due to a lack of sunlight, the system utilises the stored power to run electrical appliances.
        • Ensures reliable power supply 

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        Hybrid 1kW Solar System

        The hybrid solar system combines the functionality and features of both on-grid solar systems and off-grid solar systems. While a hybrid system stays connected with the conventional utility power grid, it also contains a battery backup. This allows the user to not only export power back to the grid once your battery and appliances are fully charged but also draw from the grid in times of excess power demand. This type of solar system is recommended when you want a reliable power backup, do away with unexpected power cuts, and reduce energy bills.

        hybrid solar system

        Here are some key highlights of having a hybrid solar system at home:

        • Excessive energy can be both stored (in the battery) and exported back (to the grid), resulting in no wastage.
        • With features like battery backup, its demand stays firm in the market. 

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          Approx monthly electricity bill (INR)*

          Benefits of Having a 1kW Solar System Installed at Home

          Solar panels are indeed one of the best ways to ensure self-consumption while cutting down heavily on your energy bills. Not to mention the positive impact solar has on the environment. Here are some of the major benefits a homeowner can enjoy with solar. 

          • Accessibility as per Your Needs

          With three solar model types to choose from, buyers can enjoy greater convenience and advantages. For example, homeowners who opt for 1kW on-grid solar panels can export the excess power generated through the panels to the government grid. When you don’t draw any electricity from the grid due to sufficient solar power generation by your 1kW solar panels, the utility bill will reflect zero charge. On the other hand, those who want to enjoy independence from government grids and be self-sufficient in producing and storing electricity may go for a hybrid or off-grid system. Off-grid systems even work for locations that do not have access to the local grid!

          • Reliable Source of Electricity

          Since you will be generating your own electricity, you will still have power even when the entire town experiences a power cut. Whether you choose an off-grid system with a battery backup or an on-grid system with accessibility to the local grid, there will always be enough surplus electricity to power your home for hours. In addition, today’s photovoltaic solar panels are better-performing in terms of energy output against the sunlight captured. As a result, fewer panels are needed to generate ample solar electricty. 

          • Energy Cost Savings

          For most homeowners, the cost of fuels and monthly bills can be quite overwhelming. Solar systems can help you reduce your energy bills by up to 70%. With solar powering your home, you get to save small amounts every month, which results in higher profitability in the long run.

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          Frequently Asked Questions About 1kw Solar Pnel System

          What All Appliances Can a 1kW Solar System Power?

          1kW on-grid solar panels with no battery system can power your regular home appliances, like washing machine, refrigerator, and lights, fans, chargers. On a battery-based solar off-grid system, only a limited number of appliances can function for limited hours. 

          Who Should Purchase 1kW Solar Panels?

          For an average Indian household, a 1KW solar panel system is enough to power a 2-3 BHK home. Hence, any homeowner looking to upgrade their property with a solar system is eligible. Moreover, the government of India offers subsidies for solar panels of up to 10kW. 

          Where Can I Buy 1kW Solar Panels?

          Though there are various solar energy companies in India, it is best to buy a system from a trusted dealer. You can purchase a suitable 1kW solar panel from an experienced and trusted solar developer like Homescape. We offer end-to-end solutions, including solar consultation and installation. 

          Are 1 kW Systems a Better Option Than 3 kW Systems?

          While the performance depends on the energy consumption of your house, a 1kW solar panel system usually suffices for any average 2-3 BHK household. If you have a 10 square meter area available around your house, then it is sufficient to install a 1KW solar system.

          How Much Solar Power Does My Home Need?

          To determine your own average electricity consumption, have a quick look at your total energy used for the last twelve months. This understanding can be easily obtained from the utility bills. Divide that number by 12 to have a great estimate of what quantity of solar energy you would need from your home solar system.

          How Many Solar Panels Will I Need for 1kW?

          Typically, one needs to install 3 to 4 solar panels of 330-250-watt to generate enough electricity for a 1kW solar system. A solar professional can help you decide on the panels based on the watt peak in an array.

          What Is the Area Required for 1kW Solar Panel?

          Ideally, a sun-facing 100 sq ft open area is required to install a 1kW solar panel system. It should be free from any shadow cast by trees or surrounding buildings. Talk to your solar contractor for the best advice. 

          How Many Units Are Generated by 1kW Solar Panels?

          On an average sunny day in India, an efficient 1kW solar panel system can generate about 4-5 units of electricity, which is equivalent to 1,400-1,500 KWh of annual power generation. The daily energy production can vary based on weather conditions.

          Will My 1kW Solar Panels Be Covered under Warranties?

          Yes. In India, most solar manufacturers provide 25 years of performance warranty on their solar panels. Their components are covered under warranty as well, though for a limited period of 5-10 years, depending on the brand. Make sure to compare your options in this regard before opting for a solar solution. 

          How Do I Know My Roof Is Ideal for Solar Installation?

          A 1kW solar panel can be easily installed on any type and size of the roof, as long as there are more than two rooms. The only concerning factor should be the strength of the structure and if it can bear the weight of the solar plant. A proper assessment by a solar professional can determine the eligibility of your home for solar installation. 

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