Rooftop Solar System

Save on electricity bills up to 90%*

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Rooftop Solar System


Save on electricity bills up to 90%*


25 Years warranty* and Product Insurance included

Savings up to 90%, ROI up to 30%*

Easy Financing available, EMIs will be covered through savings*

Technology-Driven & Innovative lifestyle product

Our Product

Atrium - The Flagship HomeScape

Solar top for your terrace, garden or roof

Atrium HomeScape is an elevated solar plant with Wood-Clad Pergola structure. Each Atrium is custom designed to enhance the beauty of your roof. The premium finish ensures a seamless beautiful extension of your roof, drawing visual and aesthetic attention, from distance and close quarters alike.

The Atrium is weather and termite-proof with a life of more than 25 years. It is designed and built to stand up to 160 kmph of wind. It provides filtered shade and open sides without obstructing the view. The Pergola gives you a roof clearance of 8 feet, allowing you to use your roof for any purpose you envision - roof garden, sitting area, a place to party, etc. - virtually, any purpose.

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HomeScape, a wise investment choice for the powerful

A HomeScape Solar plant cuts down your electricity bill up to 90% and pays for itself in as low as 4 years. HomeScape returns up to 30% on your investment, better than any low-risk investment.

Homescape comes in beautifully designed pergola, crafted by engineers and designers, that transforms your roof into a space of worth.

This green investment empowers you by giving you huge savings for lifetime.

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guaranteed return on investment


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  • Easy Financing Options
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Extraordinary Durability

  • Best-in-Class Equipment
  • Long-Term Warranty
  • Product Insurance

Our Customers

Over 900+ happy customers

With top quality, best in class design, and professional work & service, HomeScape knows their job. From retaining your roof, creating small retreats when the weather is good to making the floor more usable and aesthetic, HomeScape pergolas are truly worth it.

Kuljit Singh Popli

Retd. Chairman & Managing Director