We have designed an IoT based Remote Monitoring System (RMS) to keep track performance of your solar plant, provide support and services. It is built using proprietary hardware and software and is available to you through our mobile app – HomeScape Solar (Android), HomeScape Solar (iOS).

What is RMS?

An on-grid solar plant is complete when it is connected to the Grid. The inflow and the outflow of the units generated and used are measured using a Net Meter. Having an overview of its performance is essential.

RMS is built to monitor the performance of your HomeScape Solar Plant. It aims to maximize the performance (generation) and reduce the maintenance cost and time. This is cloud-based data management that enables remote monitoring of the solar system irrespective of its size.

Why is it required?

Though a solar plant can work without an RMS, making an investment without analyzing its ROI is not a smart decision.

HomeScape RMS has the capability to examine and evaluate consumption and generation of energy and its optimum utilization. There are factors due to which the system may underperform, for example – shade, dust, loose ends, weather conditions, etc. Our RMS considers all these parameters while updating to the Data Logger. This system provides the facility to the user to analyze the plant health over a period via the app.

Benefits of having an Efficient System

The RMS not only analyses the performance of the solar plant but also notifies us when something is wrong in the system. The key benefits of having an efficient system are:

  • Notification alarm, if the plant, inverter or any component is not working properly.
  • We can examine various plant parameters – solar energy generation, solar energy consumption, units fed back to the grid, savings, contribution to the environment.
  • We can observe plant performance on different time scales: daily, monthly, annually or between any pair of dates.
  • We can even access string monitoring. When modules or panels are attached into groups is called String, so you can have look at all the parts of the system.
Our Application

HomeScape Owner by Amplus Solar is a one-stop solution in your solar journey – from when you have had a thought of getting a solar plant to maintaining and monitoring its performance throughout its life.

Through HomeScape Owner, you can:

  • Request a site survey to analyze the feasibility of a solar plant on your rooftop
  • Monitor the progress of your order
  • Monitor the health and performance of your Solar Plant
  • Schedule check-ups: servicing or cleaning
  • Raise a complaint with HomeScape Customer Care